Level 12!

2008-08-14 17:58:14 by RulerofallDonkeys

Wooo! Finally! Wait... that means that I've finally surpassed Tom Fulp! Cool!

I bet I won't get more than 3 comments.

Here is a preview for the Button Game 2... for those cool enough to come!

Level 12!

Button Game II

2008-07-02 18:31:40 by RulerofallDonkeys

Hmmm... the sequel to the button game is coming out... and I'm having trouble making my share of the game. Oh yeah... and for all you random people out there who come here, go to my front page... or whatever... It's not so hard programming all the stuff, but finding good pictures and stuff is hard. Make sure to look for the easter egg when it is done (assuming it gets done).

P.S.- First, I'm redoing my site... not that you'd go there anyway...


Ok, scratch that last part about redoing my site... SCREW THAT! I've got... 8 levels done, and one easter egg.

Aah... whatever

2008-05-03 17:41:22 by RulerofallDonkeys

I changed my mind...I don't really care about the metal gear solid thing.

BTW- WooooHooo! Level 10 baby!

So... the Metal Gear Solid contest sounds cool...

2008-04-02 18:00:11 by RulerofallDonkeys

I think I'll enter... although It'll be a pain in the ass makin' a 5-30 sec. flash... but I'll be worth it...

What is better? Winning a prize or just getting in it... I really just want to get in the collab... no matter how cool that tankman figure looks...

Winning a t-shirt wouldn't be so bad though!

...but there will be a ton of others competing...



2008-01-27 16:54:15 by RulerofallDonkeys

I'm... chillin'


Oh Gawd! No one likes me! I get no comments (ok, one)

So, here's a fat lard...

Look at the flab stickin' out of his overalls...



2007-12-16 17:53:14 by RulerofallDonkeys


Today marks the day for my first successful flash submission to NG!

I am surprised that it got ok reviews, mostly because "goombas" failed. Maybe I'll make goombas better and re-submit it someday...

RIP Goombas- 12/28/06-12/28/06


R.I.P.- Goombas

2007-12-12 19:46:18 by RulerofallDonkeys

Rest in peace old buddy- I for thee the bell tolls.


R.I.P.- Goombas

It'll just take a while...

I'll upload something soon- I promise

Maybe they are sick in the mind of something... hmm...